Gambling Affiliates – the Case for Online Casino rather than Poker

If you are looking to make some extra money working from home you might have considered casino affiliate marketing or even poker affiliate marketing. These are both great ways to top up your pocket money but how do you decide which of the two to begin with on your journey towards becoming an affiliate marketer? Usually, potential marketers looking to work with UK online casinos will start with the product that they particularly enjoy as usually, the key to success is working with a product that the marketer feels passionate about. Fans of UK online casinos, however, often enjoy both poker and casinos, so how do they choose? Read on for a list of pros and cons for both casino affiliate marketing and poker affiliate marketing to help you make your decision.

Poker Affiliate Marketing

Poker affiliating is all about driving internet traffic into poker rooms and getting them to spend money playing the games that UK online casinos offer. In return for doing this, you will receive a commission payment for each player that you send. One of the biggest pros when it comes to poker affiliate marketing is that the game of poker is so popular. There are lots of people out there trying to make some money playing the game, therefore lots of potential customers for marketers to drive into poker rooms, earning a tasty pay packet. A website featuring strategies and tips for making money at poker will entice those looking to make it big in the poker world and perhaps even the casual poker player. There will always be new poker players.

The problem with poker gaming, however, is that whilst the market is booming, it is often difficult to encourage players away from the big casinos. It can be hard to entice people away from a room they have been playing in because they feel like they know it well and newcomers can also head straight for the bigger games. It is not impossible, though to encourage people to look elsewhere, a well thought out website offering lots of hints and tips in regard to playing poker well and demonstrating the benefits of the room you are affiliating for can entice players, it will just take some work.

Casino Affiliate Marketing

It is also possible to make money through promoting UK online casinos, simply by building your own website to direct traffic to a particular online casino, who in turn will pay you a commission based on how much each player you send withdraws. A casino comparison angle is probably the most common approach to this marketing niche, with successful operations like Topcasinosites leading the way. The biggest advantage to casino affiliate marketing is that there are lots and lots of casinos out there, unlike poker there aren’t monopolies, so it is a lot easier to entice people to try a new online casino. Online casinos are also really good at providing great marketing tools for you through the promotions that they offer and simply placing banners on your website with the latest offer on can be extremely inviting to a potential customer. All in all, setting up as a casino affiliate marketer and building your website could be easier than setting yourself up in the world of poker.

There is a price to be paid, however, for the ease of setting yourself up in the casino affiliate marketing business, and that is that you have no control over what players do with their money. All too often, players deposit money and accumulate winnings, but fail to cash them out, choosing instead to keep investing in playing the game. Unfortunately, commission for the affiliate is often paid out at the point of withdrawal so marketers can lose out in a big way here. It also means that income is very rarely guaranteed for the affiliate and that earning figures, which are calculated based on the winnings customers have in their UK online casino accounts could be invested back into the casino at any time. Therefore, earning figures cannot be trusted right up until the money is paid into your account.

Which is best?

All in all, due to the ease of setting up in the business casino affiliate marketing comes out on top, both in terms of potential earnings and the simplicity in tapping into the market. Casinos mostly do the hard work for you through their promotions and bonus schemes which, when utilized in your websites will draw the customer in. Whilst you can’t control what a player will do with their winnings, there will be many players out there who will withdraw, after all, they want to make money too, and so you can guarantee there will be income trickling in. Perhaps, if you wish to maximize your income, however, and you have some time to invest in setting up as a poker affiliate marketer too you could run both ventures in parallel. When executed correctly a poker affiliate website should bring in earnings for a long time to come.