How Your Poker Affiliate Website Can Rise Above the Rest

The online poker community is gaining ground on a yearly basis. Millions of fans from all around the world now access reputable portals every day. In turn, the opportunities for growth are nearly endless. This is one of the reasons why an affiliate marketing campaign can come in very handy. Those who are able to leverage this method will attract high-quality visitors and enjoy higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). What tips and tricks are available and how can these be leveraged to gain a solid standing within such a competitive landscape?

Defining the Modern UK Poker Affiliate

It is first important that a potential poker affiliate appreciates the basic principle behind this lucrative concept. The intention of any affiliate marketing campaign is to ultimately increase click-through rates and visitor retention through the use of high-quality third-party links. Also known as performance-based marketing, the business (in this case, the online casino) will pay those affiliates for any revenue that has been generated from inbound visits. This is normally only a smaller percentage of the generated profits and if the correct links are presented, the rewards can be staggering over time. This leads us to our next main point.

Quality Over Quantity

Visitors are becoming more demanding than ever before in regards to what types of advertisements they are presented with. For example, have you ever landed on a webpage only to be bombarded with irrelevant or otherwise annoying advertisements? Not only can this hurt the rankings of the host site in question, but it could negatively impact the user experience. He or she is more likely to navigate elsewhere to find what it is that they are looking for. Such a situation can have a dire effect upon online casinos, as the chances are slim that the visitor will ever return. A potentially valuable client-business relationship has just been lost.

It is for this reason that you should only choose reputable affiliates and well-known links. Not only will you be able to cater to the demands of the modern player, but search engines look favourably upon such outbound links. Thus, you can expect a slight rise in your online rankings.

All About the Layout

An increasing number of players are navigating to online casinos with the help of portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. This is an obvious concern, for portals that are not mobile responsive will lose out on valuable click-through rates. What defines a mobile-friendly layout? Experts all agree that these poker affiliate tips need to be taken into account:

  • Device-agnostic layouts (pages that appear the same regardless of the type of device).
  • Easy navigation.
  • Long-scrolling pages and images that are easy to view on smaller screens.
  • Coding that is compliant with mobile systems (iOS as well as Android).

If affiliate links incorporate these recommendations, the chances of turning a profit are much more realistic.

Clear Calls to Action for the UK Poker Affiliate

Any type of affiliate advertisement is of little value if the observer is not encouraged to take further action. One of the most powerful poker affiliate tips is to include a clear and concise CTA directly within the layout of the affiliate link itself. Examples can include a clear “play” hyperlink, relevant offers, bonus options and any welcome packages that a specific provider may offer. These “hooks” are designed to grab the attention of the viewer and encourage him or her to take further action. There can also be other options such as bonus promotional codes. If the individual clicks on a code provided by your website, he or she might be able to receive further discounts. This is a great way to attract attention.

Modern Affiliate Marketing Tips: Back to the Basics

Although a great deal of emphasis has been placed upon inbound marketing links within a website, we should still point out that email is an effective method. The key is to find a balance between timely messages and those that would otherwise considered to be spam. Newsletters should always include relevant information such as updates, new games, bonuses and any other related campaigns which will keep the reader interested. The option to opt out must also be included.

Affiliate marketing tips do not have represent a complicated or confusing process. However, a good deal of planning should take place in order to maximise the benefits associated with this powerful and traditional tool.