Things You Need To Know Before Becoming A Poker Affiliate

If you want to become a successful poker affiliate You need to understand your customer. just putting up a few banners on your site and hope you’ll make lots of money won’t work.

just like any other niche, you have to understand the terminology, how they think, and what buttons to press if you want conversions.

poker is a game that has many different playing styles and personalities. Understanding them is key to connecting with your audience.

Creating useful content that targets a specific poker personality and playing type will attract more leads and customers. Embedding your affiliate links naturally in the text is also known to improve conversions.

Different poker playing styles require different poker strategies. In this article we’re going to look at the variety of styles and personalities to give you a head start.

Online casino poker personalities

There are a variety of online casino personalities just as there are in life. In fact, you may be able to identify with some of them.

The ABC poker player

The ABC poker player is someone who plays by the book. They don’t use any fancy techniques, just a very straightforward approach to the game.

This is one of the poker playing styles that’s not seen in a complimentary light. ABC poker players can be easy targets for more aggressive players who aren’t afraid to take risks.

They understand everything there is to know about blinds or forced bets. They also know when to shove in short stacks, but their overall understanding of poker is elementary.

Being able to play poker online successfully requires an ability to read your opponent just as much as having textbook knowledge. This is often the major downfall of ABC poker personalities.

The shark

In contrast to the ABC player, the shark is good at all aspects of the game, and can change his poker strategy to win against any type of player. Sharks are extremely good at reading other online casino poker players, as well as misleading their opponents.

The newbie

As the name suggests this is a poker player with very little or no experience. They may have plenty of enthusiasm, but just like ABC players, are easy targets.

Newbies need an easy to understand poker strategy that they can apply straight away and see results. This is where you come in by providing them with that information.

Poker playing styles

Every online casino poker player will have their own style of playing that fits in with their personality. There are four basic poker playing styles that are as follows;

Loose aggressive

Loose aggressive poker players tend to be the winners. They understand the importance of initiative and will not be afraid to play lots of hands.

This can make them very hard to read, and they’ll typically put lots of pressure on their opponents. A loose aggressive player is hard to play against as bluffing is a keen poker strategy.

Tight aggressive

A player with tight aggressive poker playing styles is far more strategic in their approach than one with a loose aggressive style. They typically don’t play many pots and will wait patiently for the best opportunities.

The advantages of tight aggressive poker playing styles are that only 10%-25% of poker hands are worth playing, so holding back can pay off. The downfall of this style though is it can be easy to overestimate a hand.

Loose passive poker playing styles

Players with a loose passive player style rarely take chances. You can easily spot a poker opponent with this style. They often play lots of hands, as well as limp into many pots.

Calling raises just to see a flop is a typical poker strategy used by loose passive players. Newbies can often fall into the trap of adopting a loose passive playing style.

Tight passive poker playing styles

Poker players that use a tight passive style tend to be very selective on the few pots they play. They are so nervous of losing that they avoid taking shots.

Using this style of playing reduces any chance of making money. When a good hand is finally found, other players are folding.

Study these different personalities and styles of playing poker. Try and get into the mind of the player. Remember though, many online casino poker players will use a combination of these styles.